2021: 4x4x48 Challenge Review

This past weekend I completed the 4x4x48 challenge. This challenge was created by David Goggins and originally consisted of running 4 miles every 4 hours for 48 straight hours. He has revised the challenge to include more people by allowing the participant to do some fitness related exercise every four hours for the forty eightContinue reading “2021: 4x4x48 Challenge Review”

AAA: Not only to save you on the road!

Awareness, Attitude, and Adaptability. Developing, practicing, and mastering these 3 physical/mental skills will help you with almost anything life throws at you. Our first blog post in this 3 part series covers AWARENESS. Modern life, although full of safety, cushion and comfort, still has its own stresses and downfalls. One of the major downfalls isContinue reading “AAA: Not only to save you on the road!”

The Home Improvement Store Home Gym:

               With the pandemic still happening in the world around us, many states are still not allowing gyms to be open. You may be lucky enough to have some “at home” equipment to keep your “fitness” going, but if you do not, we have a solution to help. Start training for the real world usingContinue reading “The Home Improvement Store Home Gym:”